Laptop vs Desktop Which to Choose

Over the years Laptop sales have surpassed desktop sales as a result of their portability and convenience. During the old days, a desktop portrayed a level of swag that could not be reciprocated anywhere else. If you owned a desktop, you commanded friendship and of cause a spot on the local football league in your backyard.

Things have however changed and owning a desktop computer is so old school. This is not to say that a desktop is no longer important. According tolaptop repair singapore a laptop and a desktop have their own uses. What matters is your preferential use.


This is the main factor to consider before you decide which machine to get. If you prefer a machine that you can use to travel around the world, then a laptop will be your best bet. The disadvantage of this is that you will need to carry a smaller machine which reduces your specs.

Power and Price

A bigger computing power is mostly found in larger machines. I however got to admit that there are some laptops with this power. However, this laptop will cost you an arm and a leg.On the other hand, ordinary laptops tend to produce too much heat and at the same time too much noise.

For greater power, we recommend that you use a desktop.

Screen Size

If you prefer a mountainous screen for your streamline needs, then a laptop is not your ideal friend. Laptops are designed to be as portable as possible and to do this, they have to have smaller screens.


If you are a gaming fun, then you are very familiar with this concept.You need a machine that can be easily configured to suit your gaming needs. According to fix laptop singapore, renowned laptop repairers, it is advisable to buy a desktop if you are a hardcore gamer as it can easily be configured to your specifications.